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Here is your private url. Copy and paste this somewhere.
Do not tell anyone about this link.
WebGL builds hosted at itch.io and other services as well as some versions of Android may need SSL to work!
Want to use https (SSL)? Donate $5 or more and let me know.
Want to store more than 25 scores? Contact me.
(If you have a limit of 25 scores and another score comes in, the lowest will get bumped out.)

You copy and pasted that somewhere and are never going to tell anyone right?

You can not have an asterisk * character in your URL, scores, usernames, etc.

Your Leaderboard
Highest 100 scores.

Remove All Scores

Codes for Unity Example
Here are just your public and private code so that you can cut and paste them into the sample code for Unity.

Private Code (It's long, get all of it!)

Public Code

Embed on your website
Simply copy and paste the CSS and javascript below. Feel free to make changes to the css to meet your needs. To sort ascending replace /js with /js-asc you can also use /js-seconds to sort by seconds and /js-seconds-asc

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Adding and deleting scores
Changes and updates to your leaderboard are made through simple http get requests using your private url.

A player named Carmine got a score of 100. If the same name is added twice, we use the higher score.

A player named Carmine got a score of 1000 in 90 seconds.

A player named Carmine got a score of 1000 in 90 seconds and is Awesome.

Delete Carmine's score

Clear all scores

Save a trip to the server by combining "add" with returning data: "add-pipe", "add-xml" or "add-quote"

Getting your scores
Reading of data is performed by using your public url.
Get your data as XML:

Get your data as json:

Get your data as pipe delimited:

Get your data as quoted with comma:

To get the list sorted by seconds (high to low) just add -seconds:

To sort ascending just add -asc:

To get the list sorted by date (newest to oldest) just add -date:

To get only the top 5 or 10 rows, just add the number to the end:

To get a range of rows, use a starting number and count of rows you want
For instance, this is rows 100 to 149 (starts with number 0) :

To get the score for just 1 person, just add -get and the person's name:

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