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How does this thing work?

All communication with the server is done through simple HTTP GET requests. In fact you don't even use post or querystrings, you just build a URL. See the examples below. It's super easy!

Every leaderboard has a private URL for adding/deleting scores. This should be compiled in your code. For your website you can use a public URL which has read access only.

Adding and deleting scores
Changes and updates to your leaderboard are made through simple http get requests using your private url.

A player named Carmine got a score of 100. If the same name is added twice, we use the higher score.

A player named Carmine got a score of 1000 in 90 seconds.

A player named Carmine got a score of 1000 in 90 seconds and is Awesome.

Delete Carmine's score

Clear all scores

Save a trip to the server by combining "add" with returning data: "add-pipe", "add-xml" or "add-quote"

Getting your scores
Reading of data is performed by using your public url.
Get your data as XML:

Get your data as json:

Get your data as pipe delimited:

Get your data as quoted with comma:

To get the list sorted by seconds (low to high) just add -seconds:

To sort ascending just add -asc:

To get the list sorted by date (newest to oldest) just add -date:

To get only the top 5 or 10 rows, just add the number to the end:

To get a range of rows, use a starting number and count of rows you want
For instance, this is rows 100 to 149 (starts with number 0) :

To get the score for just 1 person, just add -get and the person's name:

Adding/Redeeming Promocodes
I wanted to keep it really simple. You add new codes using this website. To redeem a code from inside your app, simply use a URL like this:

If the code is valid and not used yet, you'll get an OK message. Otherwise you'll get an ERROR message.

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