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Frequently Asked Questions

I'll do my best to answer questions here. If I missed something, feel free to contact me.

Why did you make this?
I'm a big fan of Unity3D. I saw some forum posts where users were asking how to have high scores for their mobile games. I felt it was such a hassle for someone to host a website, MySQL server, know some PHP, etc. just to have a centralized place for something so simple.

Free, Really?
Yes it's free! The system does not require a lot of bandwidth or storage space. I do pay a monthly fee for hosting. If this has saved you hours of programming time, feel free to donate.

What happens if you just disappear?
With any "cloud" based solution. The company can just disappear. If this is really really really bothering you, then you should spend the time to build a solution for yourself.

What happens if your server is down?
The server has better than 99% uptime. If I need to reboot, or change IPs, etc. it will be down temporarily. In general the server is not down for more than 5 minutes. (knock on wood) :)

Who are you?
I'm a programmer/musician/professor from New York City. Find out more about me here: www.carmine.com

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